Qualities of The Best Realtors

Finding a realtor isn’t hard to do when everyone you come across seems to hold a real estate license. However, finding a realtor with real experience and the qualities that you want to help you in either purchasing or selling a home is another thing. The last thing you want is to hire a person who just holds a real estate license but doesn’t do the job full-time or has little to no experience.

We live in a time where most properties are not traditional sales, but bank owned and short sales. As such, it takes a realtor with adequate experience both in the past and current forms of real estate transactions. With the varying ways of selling the property, this industry has become more complicated than ever. It is important to ensure that the person you hire has plenty of knowledge in these kinds of transactions. It could be the difference between a short sale and foreclosure or it could cost you the house of your dreams.

In order to hire the best realtors, you should ask questions that dig deep into their knowledge and experience. Don’t be afraid to ask for references. Ask how many transactions they handle per year and break it down to representing buyers and listings. Listen as they speak. The best realtors will come across as knowledgeable in just a few minutes during a conversion. If you are not certain after a brief conversation, trust your gut and contact another agent.

If they cannot explain without hesitation the differences between a traditional sale, lender owned and a short sale, then you can be certain that they have not been in business for long. Someone who has been in the market for long will have adequate experience in these kinds of sales. Keep in mind that you’re making a substantial investment and so, you should never overlook these qualities.

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