IT Outsourcing: Game-Changer or Headache?

The business practice of hiring outside professionals to delegate tasks to them is becoming more common in the IT industry. The rise of this subcontracting practice is due to the numerous advantages it offers, although there are some downsides. Learn more about IT outsourcing services here to see if this is a strategy you should start using for your business.


The Pros

A distinct advantage of IT outsourcing services is the opportunity to save on company expenses. You increase your savings if you opt to subcontract a specialist for a specific task instead of going through the trouble of hiring an employee and paying for their training so they can get the skills to execute the same job. Another way you can save is if you outsource your business’s data storage needs instead of buying and maintaining data storage equipment. Other advantages include:

  • The ability to select a vast range of professionals with the right set of skills you need, resulting in better output quality.
  • Since outsourcing will cost you less, you can get more people to work on a project and finish deadlines quicker.
  • Your company will have more time to devote to taking concrete steps to attain your goals and growing your business since your team will have a lighter workload.


The Cons

Even the right strategies come with drawbacks, and IT outsourcing is no different. A common concern is data security. Bringing another individual or company to help with your job means that you will need to share vital information with them, and some of that data can be sensitive with regards to its privacy. It’s essential to choose carefully and to discuss the storing and protecting of data before you even start the task. Set clear boundaries on your contract on how the distribution of information is controlled and who gets access to particular data to ensure the safety and integrity of your business. Other disadvantages include:

  • Issues with intellectual property sometimes come up. You don’t want to come out of the experience with a lawsuit on data ownership with a third party because you weren’t thorough in clarifying the terms and conditions of your contract with the company or individual you outsourced. Make sure the company whose services you choose to hire has been well-vetted by your team.
  •  The skills developed from experience will be built outside your team. You may get the results, but other people will earn the expertise one gains from putting in the time and effort on a project.


The IT industry is a booming one, and to stay competitive, you will need to find creative solutions to bring quick and quality output. Research thoroughly to make an informed choice on your outsourcing company, and ensure that you encourage cooperation and build mutual trust to have a fruitful business collaboration.