4 Ways to Pack Fragile Items When Moving

 Packing fragile items, from fine ceramics and vases to valuable furniture and paintings, can be very demanding and daunting. In addition to hiring a moving company in Richmond, VA, you also need to make sure that you have packed all your items, especially the delicate ones, securely. Here are 4 smart ways on how to pack fragile items:

  1. Use a Bubble Wrap

    The best way to keep fragile items safe during the moving process is to use bubble wraps. Transporting valuable items that are at a higher risk to break, such as vases, fine ceramics or figurines, require additional protection. You must individually wrap each piece with bubble wrap and seal every seam with packing tape. If you are on a budget, you can make use of soft towels or blankets for the less fragile pieces and reserve the bubble wraps for the vases.


  1. Fill the Extra Spaces Within a Moving Box with Old Newspapers

    When storing fragile items in a moving box, you must also ensure that the box can hold them securely in place. Make plenty of cushioning using newspapers as much as possible. Newspaper fillings serve as an extra padding layer for your fragile items so that there is less risk of them banging against each other during the move. Moreover, if the moving box is accidentally dropped, the newspapers will provide enough protection to save your fragile items from breaking into pieces.


  1. Label the Packed Items as Fragile

    Your moving boxes may all appear similar, so be sure to label those with delicate items accordingly with “Fragile: Handle With Care.” This is to ensure that family members or movers can quickly identify that this particular package needs special care.


  1. Ask an Expert

    If you hired manpower from a moving company in Richmond, VA, you could also ask them for resources and personnel to help you pack your treasured belongings. Since they are professionals who have years of experience in moving fragile items, rest assured that they can give you the best advice and valuable resources on how to pack your belongings the right way.


The idea of moving may seem like a stressful task, especially when it comes to packing your most treasured items. By knowing how to pack fragile items correctly, you can lessen the stress of moving and be reassured that your valuable items will be transported safe and sound to your new home.


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