Fusionex to Utilise AI and BDA Platforms for IMU Programs

Fusionex, a Global Data Technology Provider, and Malaysia’s International Medical University (IMU) have agreed to collaborate on a project. This project includes the integration of Big Data Analytics (BDA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into five of their Healthcare programs.

How will the project work?

Fusionex will create an application that can make use of the billions of data produced by the program. This program will make use of AI that can learn on its own. With visualization, diagnostics, and various tests to be done, this AI project is expected to predict medical outcomes, with quick and accurate results.

Fusionex coaches, scientists, and experts will help IMU to handle the technology provided. They will also be assisting the IMU to prepare for Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in their system.

What platforms will be used for the program?

Fusionex will be using the Fusionex GIANT, their Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data Analytics platform. This platform will make use of the data points collected and analyze it later to see different trends and patterns. These can generate priceless ideas and insights that can then be used by the IMU Research and Development Team.

Are all the data produced going to be useful?

All the data that will be gathered in this program are going to be useful. These include data that can be used in healthcare services in the future. For example, diagnostics data from treatment periods, or patient records, these can all be used when making advances in the field, and eventually saving lives.

How does Fusionex feel about the project?

Fusionex Founder and Group CEO, Dato’ Seri Ivan Teh, is excited about it! As the first to conduct this Artificial Intelligence-powered medical research project with IMU, it is commendable on their part.

IMU also shares the same sentiment as Fusionex. Professor Abdul Aziz Baba, Vice-Chancellor and CEO, is enthusiastic about the project. He mentions extending the project to their other programs in the future!

The Future

This collaboration with Fusionex will be beneficial, not only for their students but also to the whole healthcare industry. Fusionex and IMU’s vision of advancing the field of medicine and healthcare sciences with technology is truly worthy of the highest praise.