How Long Is ESTA Valid? – Get Your Answer About The VWP Her

How long is ESTA valid? That question is one that many travelers ask when applying with ESTA for their trip to the US. They want to be sure that they are covered when it comes time to take their trip. If you are about to travel, and you’re just now applying, you also want to know how long the authorization is going to be valid. To be clear, the answer is two years.

That’s just one of the questions that people have. They also want to know if their country is on the list. If you’re the country is on the list, you’re eligible to apply. Some sites say that the application can be a little complicated for people, and other sites say that it’s quite simple. It is perhaps best that you get your information directly from the source.

One thing about it, there is no paper application. That should make you smile. You apply over the web, and then you submit your electronic application with your payment. You will know soon about whether or not you’re approved, and you can always check back in on your application, too. They make the process quite convenient, especially since you’re able to get going with the application without visiting a government office.

You might have thought that you had to stop by the embassy or consulate. That’s not the case, however, as you’re able to simply visit the website and begin your application. You are going to need your documentation, including your passport.

When the two years has passed, you rinse and repeat in terms of the application. You came here asking how long is ESTA valid, and now you have the answer as well as some other helpful information. You just have to get started with your application now so that you can get to traveling.