Sunshine In A Bag: England v Australia Ashes

The sun shone brightly on England and Australia throughout much of this recent installment of the biennial tournament played between the two countries and yet in the end, no, not even that far, England were the ones who must have had ‘sunshine in a bag’ as on day three of the Fourth Test of the series, they achieved victory and regained the Ashes.
It had took England taking only 10.2 overs in order for them to claim the three remaining Australian wickets and being bowled out for 253, this gave England the win they had longed for; giving them a victory by an innings and 78 runs at Trent Bridge in Nottingham, England.
Yes, location is important here. The fact that England hosted this year’s tournament would have given the Aussies hope before even the tournament started that the infamous, temperamental English summer would play true to form and allow England’s game to be hampered by bouts of rain.
This hope would have become even a stronger factor by the time it started to become apparent that England were closing in on victory and indeed, even during the first two days of the decisive Fourth Test, play was first delayed until late in the morning on Day 1 and called off early the next day because of bad lighting making for unplayable conditions.
Many an English and Australian fan alike would have been intensely keeping an eye on weather forecasts for the five-match series and even more would have brought along their treasured sports eyewear in watch to observe the games from the stands when forecasts seemed to predict generally hot, sunny weather for these prestigious Test cricket matches.
They wouldn’t be alone. Players on the pitch and players in the stands of both teams witnessed England’s astounding victory through prescription sports sunglasses, the kind of sports eyewear that was ideal for these generally sunny days that seemed to bless England and toy with Australian hopes.
England’s very own Captain Cook seemed ecstatic as he watched his team from behind his own prescription sports sunglasses as wicket after wicket fell in favour of his team and it really should be mentioned that the efforts of both teams must have been immeasurably aided leastways when you consider that the prescription sports eyewear that many of them sported would have helped to have blocked out much of the strong sunshine throughout the series.
It’s pretty much a certainty that the often sharper views provided by these kinds of prescription sports sunglasses make for better play on the pitch, especially in those kinds of sunny conditions; versatile and often sporting lenses specially shaped to allow a wider field of view, the dimming down effect is beneficial for perfect sight while filtering out that excess light.
Certainly, as Australia faltered, who is to say, really how much each team must have been aided in those pivotal moments by the special sports eyewear that gave them unparalleled peripheral vision and perfect protection by the often blazing sunshine? Who is to say how much it affected play? Obviously, the experts would have the answers, probably.

Bollé prescription sunglasses
Bollé sunglasses worn by England cricket team

But it does raise interesting issues and that is just how much such sporting accessories like sports eyewear, prescription sunglasses and sports sunglasses affect the field of play in a game like cricket. It makes a person wonder. But, beyond that, it’s very much in doubt that this is something would have cared about as they strode to a thumping victory over the Aussies and took the trophy back.