Top 4 Tattoo Designs for Men

Is it your first time getting a tattoo or you’re looking to add something to your body art collection? We know the best tattoo designs for a man. If you want to plan a vacation and get a tattoo, Auckland is the best place for you because tattoo artists in the area dedicate their self to give you the best tattoo service. Below are the top 4 tattoo designs you can have in your body.

Skull Designs

You can interpret a skull tattoo design with a lot of meanings. Most men get their skull tattoos with flames surrounding it; while some choose the skull associated with death. Those are some of the most famous skull tattoo designs. No matter what model you choose, remember that a tattoo can represent you. If you want to look cool, and you feel like the skull tattoo will make you one, then go for it.

Rose or Any Flower Designs

Most people get the wrong idea that a rose or any floral arts in the body are designed for females only. Rose designs are also the top choices of men in getting their first tattoo. Moreover, if you want it to be artistic, you can choose a color to fill your body art. Some men designed their rose tattoos with the name of their significant other on it.

Dragon Arts

Dating back to ancient times, the dragon tattoo is popular among men. Those who are courageous have dragon arts in their body. Dragon designs are mainly associated with cultures. This design is common among Chinese and Japanese men because they want to preserve their traditions. Most people who get dragon tattoos have a fire designed around the dragon’s mouth; sometimes, the dragon has wings.

Clock Designs

Clock design is a symbolic one. Its meaning does not only revolve with time because it is based on different models. The clock art is dependent on the interpretation of the people who want it drawn on their body. Some of the most common clock tattoo ideas involve colors, roses, and skulls. If you value time the most, and you want body art, the clock design is the best one for you.

You can choose various designs for your tattoo. Before you have your tattoo session, make sure that you are doing it in the right place, where all the materials used in the session are sterile.